Silver Application

Institutions that are seeking  Silver Level status who were previously at the Bronze level or have received pre-approval must submit an application using the format below.

Please adhere to these guidelines as you construct your application. There are five parts of this application, each explained in the sections below.

  1. Online Application Form*
  2. The Cover Letter
  3. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan, which will be submitted either as an Appendix to the Narrative (in a single pdf), or as a separate pdf. If your DEI plan is not separate from that of the overall institution, you may attach the institutional plan; but your Narrative should indicate how your College will be implementing the institutional plan.
  4. The Narrative including demographics. This section should not exceed 10 pages.
  5. Payment of the application fee of $425 will be required once you submit online.

The application is now available here: 2023 ADRP Application

Part 1: Online Application Form

As part of your online submission, the following information is required. You’ll enter it into the form on the application.

Program Information and Pledge Affirmation (answers should be provided in the portal)

  1. College/School/Program Name
    b.  University Name
    c.  Dean or Program Head’s Name
    d.  Submitter’s contact information
    e.  Date of application submission
    f.  Affirm that your current college/school/program dean/program head has committed to the pledge and that their name appears on the ADRP signature website. If the current dean has not signed the pledge yet, follow this link to add their name.

A maximum of two PDFs may be uploaded to the application (the Cover Letter-Part 2/Narrative-Part 4and the DEI Plan-Part 3).

Part 2: Cover Letter

The cover page of your application should be a signed and dated letter from the dean reaffirming their support of the application to the ADRP.  Please use the text provided below on your institutional letterhead.  This letter should be submitted as a combined PDF with your narrative and does not count in the 10 page limit for the narrative.

I, (name of Dean), am in full support of this application to the ASEE Diversity Recognition Program (ADRP) at the Silver Level.  [Date]


Part 3: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan (Upload as a separate pdf or include in Narrative as an Appendix)

  1. Include a copy of the original diversity plan and the current version of the diversity plan.
  2. Discuss any updates or modifications to the plan and the rationale for the changes.
  3. Substantive documentation that faculty, staff, and student perspectives have been obtained as part of ongoing efforts for improvement.

The Diversity Pledge [] also commits the institution to developing K-14 plans, faculty diversity plans, and partnerships between different types of institutions.

You may check if your current dean has signed the pledge by viewing the most up-to-date list here.  If your current dean needs to sign the pledge, they may do so here.

If appended to narrative, it will not count in the 10 page limit for the narrative.

Part 4: Narrative (10 page limit)

  1. Achievements to-date and progress towards achieving the goals identified in the diversity plan; include actions undertaken, metrics used to measure progress, and current status of initiatives and metrics.
  2. Update on the college culture and how improvements in inclusivity are being measured and progress in culture since the bronze award.
  3. Sustainability plan:  Clear 3-year plan for future progress including actions taken to make sure the progress is sustainable, embedded in college systems and structures, and further enhances diversity


Data on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (in narrative)

The Narrative must include three years of demographics for your College since the original recognition at the Bronze-Level (if applicable). The table below includes the minimum data to include; if your DEI plan focuses on other groups of people (such as post-docs, staff or administrators), include those demographics as well. Data should be included for all gender and ethnic groups.  The National Science Foundation defines Women, Persons with Disabilities, and three racial and ethnic groups—Blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians or Alaska Natives—as underrepresented in Science and Engineering.

Include demographic data on the following categories:

Part 5: Payment

The application fee is $425 and is payable by credit card online once you submit. Application will be considered incomplete until the fee is submitted.


For More Information

Questions about the application process may be directed to  with “ADRP Silver Application” in the subject line.