September 2019

Letter to the Deans


This is an update on the ASEE Diversity Recognition Program (ADRP). The EDC Diversity Committee has been discussing the program over the summer and will soon post revisions to the application process on the ADRP website. We hope these revisions will clarify the application and review processes, and contribute to our continuous improvement as a significant component of the engineering, computing, and engineering technology education community.


This past year was the first implementation of the program, and we are now refining the process, using what we’ve learned. For example, last year we did not conduct the reviews with an eye towards providing direct feedback, but in future years we will do that. We will also go to a panel review process this year, and invite more of you to be reviewers.


We have decided to postpone development of the silver and gold application processes until after this next round. Note that the “exemplar” status was created as a way to indicate that the reviewers felt the institution was exceptional either in the coherency of the plan, in the originality or fidelity of the implementation, or in the outcomes achieved. “Exemplary” means that the institution can serve as a role model to others. It does not indicate the institution will or should be considered Silver or Gold in the next phase of implementation; we apologize for any miscommunication in that regard.


If you received a Bronze award, congratulations on your efforts; you will have this designation for three years without having to re-submit. If you received exemplary status, your work will be highlighted at a future ASEE event. More information on that will be forthcoming.  If you are re-submitting for a Bronze award, or submitting for the first time, note that the next submission window will open by October 1, and a notice will sent to all deans. The next set of awards will be announced at the CONECD Conference, which will be held April 20-22, 2020, in Crystal City, VA.


Let’s all remember this: the ASEE Diversity Recognition Program is a collective effort based on a process of continuous improvement – its overall goal is to help our engineering, engineering technology, & computing programs promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our colleges and ultimately in the workplace. Our individual Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plans are the heart of the program, and the collective impacts of our efforts should ultimately surface in the data that ASEE collects and makes available to the public.


Thank you for your efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in your college; keep up the great work!


Emily Allen and Don Leo, Co-Chairs

ASEE EDC Diversity Committee