♦ Proven Policies and Practices

The following policies and practices have been identified in the literature as best practices relative to recruitment, retention, climate and culture.  When it comes to Inclusive Excellence, the most successful Schools and Colleges have at least three of the programs and initiatives below with the very best programs having 10 or more.  Note, items 3 and 7 were part of the Deans Diversity pledge.  This list is not to be considered comprehensive as effective and novel programs are being developed continuously.

  1. Summer bridge programs
  2. Collaborative work/live/play environments
  3. Diversity Action Plans
  4. Institutional leadership engagement (Department Chair, Endowed Chair, Deans and Associate Deans)
  5. Facilitated study groups
  6. Early alert programs
  7. Pipeline programs (K-12, Programs serving women and URM, community college)
  8. Scholarships and Fellowships
  9. Positive self-efficacy development programs
  10. Positive identity development programs
  11. Faculty development programs
  12. Partnership with key professional organizations who train and provide Professional Development (PD) to faculty and staff (NAMEPA, WEPAN, GEM)
  13. Targeted First Year programs
  14. Targeted Experiential Learning at any level
  15. Entrepreneurship programs at any level

Study of Best Practices (NSBE & Exxon): Paving the Way (NSBE White Paper) – Reid, Ross, Yates


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♦ National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Student Retention Toolkit