Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the time frame for the baseline data on retention?

All data is over the last three academic years (not including this current year).


2. What level of administrator should we report on?

Administrators include all deans (including Associate, Assistant, Vice, etc.), Chairs or Heads, and Directors.


3. Is there a template to use for compiling and submitting the demographic data on our students and faculty?

There is no specific template.  Please use the format of your choice while following the guidelines on the website.


4. Is there an official application form?

There is no official application form.  Please complete the application package following the guidelines on the website.


5. Do you have examples of “best practices”?

Please view examples of proven policies and practices as well as initiatives from other institutions on our Resources page.


6. Will the data submitted be published or shared in any way?

No data will be shared.  Only the evaluation committee will view them.


7. Where do I send my completed application?

Please email your completed application as a single PDF document to diversityrecognition@asee.org  with “ASEE Diversity Recognition Application” in the subject line.


8. What if I can not meet the April 30 deadline?

There will be another opportunity for you to submit!  After this initial application period ending in April, there will be a second round with a due date in November (exact date TBD).