Recognition Levels and Criteria

Bronze Level Criteria

The Bronze level recognition indicates at a minimum:

  • The Dean has signed the ASEE Deans Diversity Pledge
  • The College has a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan (DEI Plan) specific to the unit and that has been shared with the college or unit (and is submitted as part of the application). The plan must address diversity, equity and inclusion explicitly and individually and must indicate that the College has:
    • an established infrastructure to support diverse populations including those underrepresented in Engineering, such as First Generation, Women, Underrepresented Minorities, Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ), and Persons with Disabilities, or other populations.
    • at least one program or initiative from the list of Proven Practices which are included on the resources page of this website.
    • at least one K-12 or community college pipeline activity
  • A set of appropriate metrics and goals regarding demographics of faculty, staff and students, climate survey results, graduation outcomes, faculty outcomes, or the like
  • The College has an implementation timeline for its DEI plan
  • The College is engaged in measuring the outcomes of the plan implementation


Silver and Gold Level Criteria

Criteria and review processes for silver and gold level criteria are currently being reconsidered and redesigned. In general, the Silver level recognition means that the College/School is among the nation’s leaders in inclusive excellence, and has demonstrated significant impact over and above those at the bronze level.  A College/School will usually apply only after receiving bronze level recognition. It is recommended that a College/School remain in the bronze category a minimum of two years.   

The Gold level is the highest level and difficult to achieve. It recognizes Colleges/Schools demonstrating transformation in College/School composition (faculty and students), policies, culture, and climate while also providing thought leadership by disseminating best practices.  Applicants should have at least one year at the Silver Level, but three years are recommended.

Timetables for silver and gold recognition will be posted in the future.